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Online Accounting Software

Online accounting software from vendors such as Clear Books has several advantages over more traditional desktop accounting software such as Sage.

Flexible Access

Financial accounts can be accessed anytime and anywhere, as all you need is the Internet or a web enabled device. This provides great flexbility in terms of your ability to access your accounts. For example, you can check your accounts from home, from the office or on a train.

Free Updates

The software gets continuously updated for free. There is no need to download the latest critical update. In fact, there is no need to download and install anything. You can be up and running in minutes.


Online accounting software allows for muli-user access. This allows you to easily share your accounting data with others. For example, your accountant can log in from his office to review or discuss issues with you while you are at home.

Any Computer

Web based systems are cross platform, which means they work on both a Mac and a PC, using Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. They can also be used on tablets and smartphones, such as the iPad, iPhone and Android devices.